What are reward points?

Reward points are our gift to you for being a loyal customer!  Each purchase you make gives you reward points that you can spend at our website to purchase products or take money off your order.  Each reward point is worth $1 and for every purchase you make you receive a little over 4% cash back in the form of reward points based on your total purchase amount.  This means if you spend $25 you will receive $1 back in reward points. 

How do  I spend reward points?

Reward points are used at checkout after uploading your ID.  There will be a drop down menu titled 'Reward Points' showing how many points you have available to spend.  Clicking this drop down will allow you to enter the amount of reward points you want to spend.  You can use as many points as you want, either purchasing the entire amount with reward points or only using a little to get a few dollars off your purchase.